Benefits of Luxury Minibus Hire Luton

The town of Luton in Bedfordshire, home to the Bedford heavy commercial vehicle plant that created the well-known Bedford model, is where the distinctive Luton minibus  hire first appeared. The Luton body has an enclosed body that crosses the cab in the form of a box. Occasionally referred to as a Luton or a kick, this is the part of the body that rests above the cab.

The Luton body’s primary purpose was to support large quantities of low-density loads, particularly straw hats, which were a major component of the town’s economy. To make the straw hats fit inside the minibus, they were wrapped into long cylinders.

At Kent Minibus Hire, we take great pride in offering the renowned Luton minibus to our devoted clientele. The Luton minibus is perfect for a range of personal and professional tasks and is available for short- and long-term hire. We’ve compiled some information about renting a big Luton minibus and its advantages.

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Modern Luton Minibus

Although the body is typically streamlined to reduce wind resistance, modern Luton minibuses, like the Ford Transit and larger vehicles employed by removal companies, still preserve the fundamental design of the original Luton. Not to be confused with the Luton body, some vehicles have a wind deflector mounted on top of the cab roof. The Luton body can be accessed straight from the main body and is operational. Sometimes, especially in vehicles with tilting cabs, the Luton is hinged.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Luton  Minibus?

Luton Minibus provides appealing minibus hire choices. It is more cost-effective to hire a Luton minibus rather than own one unless you want to use it for additional purposes. Both home and small business use are covered by this.

When moving offices and homes, luton minibuses are frequently utilised. These roomy minibuses have bodies large enough to remove boxes, furniture, and appliances from homes and offices with the least amount of hassle. This reduces the amount of journeys you need to make when relocating your home or place of business. With the exception of the larger pieces, the minibuses’ enormous room also guarantees that you won’t need to disassemble the majority of your furniture when moving.

You can book a minibus with drive and handle the removals yourself if you don’t mind doing some light lifting, which is good for your health. By doing this, you can avoid paying more money than necessary to hire additional helpers to assist you with the removals. Additionally, when you pay by the hour, you have the flexibility to work at your own speed without worrying about driving too far. Because of their exceptional versatility, luton minibuses are excellent for hiring. They also include tail lifts that may be used to raise large, heavy equipment, such as large couches and closets.

For business use

A Luton minibus is a highly sensible and cost-effective option for companies wishing to rent cars for longer periods of time. A car upfront is out of reach for many small enterprises and startups whose cash flow is still unstable. When you rent a Luton minibus for extended business use, you may save the headache of renting one each time you have to go on those endless business excursions.

Since the expense is spread out throughout the duration of the hire, long-term rentals are typically far less expensive. It’s normally a win-win situation because you can usually make full use of the breakdown cover provided by the hire business as well.